The Truck among the Vans - the new MAN TGE.

The MAN TGE is a real utility vehicle. Available in different variants as a panel van, a combi van, a crew cab with platform body or a chassis cab with platform body it is well-equipped for nearly every task. Whether in use in logistics, courier, construction, craft or passenger transport, the MAN TGE Van meets industry-specific and individual requirements with a wide range of features and customised vehicle body solutions.

Flexible and cost effective vehicle ownership

This product provides you with a simple way of buying a new MAN commercial vehicle.

With this option, you can benefit by claiming any capital or writing down allowances available on the vehicle. In addition to this, interest payments are tax deductible and VAT can be recovered on the vehicle purchased.

3&EASY Campaign

For more details, please contact our MAN TGE specialist Mike Saul on 07384819159 or email him at